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Web Based Training Programs

Rainmaker is committed to helping dealers across the industry to improve the performance of their businesses. As a way of sharing information, ideas and best practices with dealers who are not clients, we offer Web Based Training Programs that are free to attend and open to the public.

We host at least two of these each month and topics range through all areas of the business. You can scroll through the descriptions below to see some past topics. To get on the invitation list for future sessions e-mail

Take Control of your Service Department
Whoever coined the phrase; “The Devil is in the Details” could have been talking about your service shop. There are so many little things to manage and so many ways that money can slip through your fingers. When sales are booming, owners often overlook these details and accept their losses as a part of doing business. Today that approach is a recipe for disaster.

In this fast paced session you will learn what you can do to make your service department a profitable part of your business using real life examples and practical solutions to everyday problems. You will learn some of the common pitfalls that can cause your service department to lose money and what you can do to fix them.

Increase Sales by Paying Attention to Customers
The easiest and most effective thing you can do to increase your sales is to do a better job following up with your customers. This sounds obvious, but you would be amazed how few people actually do a good job in this area.

Secret Shopper Studies would suggest:

Join an information packed hour to learn about the opportunities you are missing and what steps you can put in place right now to turn the tide.

Accounting for Owners
You probably didn't get into business because you like looking at Financial Statements or doing Bank Reconciliations, yet every month your business is supposed to generate these so you, your Bankers, and your silent partner (the Government) can know how you are doing.

Is accounting just an administrative burden? A cost of doing business? What is going on in that accounting system of yours and what does it mean to you?

Chad Carr from Rainmaker Consulting will use everyday language to demystify what is happening in your accounting system and on your Financial Statements. Learn what you can do, as a non-accounting person, to make sure your books are right and what information your accounting people should be getting you every month.

Managing Your People
Every small business owner has frustrations with personnel. The hiring, training, managing and termination of people is something very few of us a great at and almost none of us enjoy. Yet, today's business environment requires that we spend more time managing our people that even before.

In this fast paced and informative Webinar, Rainmaker Consulting will share the critical steps that must be involved in Recruiting, Training, Motivating and ultimately Terminating people in your organization.

You'll still have to buckle down and do the work, but at least you will know what the right work is.

TCE Instrument Panel & Daily Operating Control Dashboards
For Rainmaker Competitive Edge software clients to review the Instrument Panel consisting of nine Profit Control Points and seven Cash Control Points and how to use these control points to improve profitability and cash flow.

Those clients who register before Thursday, January 30th, can work with Bill Carr to make sure their version of the Instrument Panel is working as well as print out the Instrument Panel and supporting financial statements to have in hand for the Webinar the following Tuesday 2/4 starting at 1:00 pm Central Standard Time.

Also to be reviewed in this Webinar will be a list of recommended main-line Owner/GM profit and cash related reports from TCE to include the menu calls on where to find them to print them out.

Bill Carr will remain available and on-line after the 90 minute Webinar is concluded to answer questions and arrange follow up work if requested.

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