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The Competitive Edge

The Competitive Edge

When the economy is great, we can afford to get a little sloppy with our business. In a down market, you need to have instant access to the critical profit and cash controls that will help you guide your business to success. With The Competitive Edge, the days of wondering what is happening are over. You can know everything you need at the click of a mouse.

The Competitive Edge (TCE) is a fully integrated business management system designed specifically for your business. TCE is designed to handle every aspect of your business including Sales, Prospecting, F & I, Inventory, Delivery, Service, Parts, Accounting, and Form Management. Every management report is designed to give you information about how you are doing TODAY. When you have The Competitive Edge, you have the POWER to control your variable gross profit and the cash you have in the bank.

Prospecting & Sales: Using The Competitive Edge is like adding a full time sales coordinator. Once you enter some basic data for each prospect, TCE can generate letters, schedule calls and produce sales management reports. Reports range from basic traffic analysis through sales volume and profit forecasting.

Deal Negotiation: Your salespeople can work the deal in front of the customer, without giving away your secrets. All screens are designed to be customer friendly and customer safe. There is nothing for the customer to see that they should not see. Your salespeople can add and remove options with a click of a button and customize the quote to meet your customerís needs.

Payables & Receivables: Entry of payables and receivables is easy and the system handles all of the accounting automatically. TCE generates deal-related Purchase Orders, Payables and Receivables, and allows you to print receipts, deposit forms, invoices, checks and labels.

Warranty Service: Generate and print work orders and schedules in TCE Service & Parts module and then search work orders, parts inventory and billing history. View a customerís service history, including parts and billings, on one screen. The Competitive Edge has been proven to organize your work, boost efficiency, and increase service billings.

MakeReady Work Orders: Job-costing in The Competitive Edge is easy and allows you to better track your expenses. This will assist you in focusing on inefficiencies and help you identify areas that are reducing your profits. MakeReady Work Orders are customized and generated from the deal work-up.

Parts Inventory: Maintaining, accessing and tracking inventory is easy in The Competitive Edge. The point of sale routines are simple and made even easier by the addition of bar coding and a cash drawer. Everything is linked to the general ledger and you will always know exactly what you have in stock.

Business Management Reporting: The Business Management Reporting features of this software make TCE soar above the competition. You can know exactly what is happening at all times in all areas of your business with cash flow and profitability reports by department. Historical analysis goes beyond inventory turns and sales history to give you detailed profit analysis by model and type, as well as accurate conversion reporting on your sales staff. This function alone will pay for the system by putting you months ahead of your competition.

Financial Reporting: The Balance Sheet and Income Statement provide detailed reporting for any period. You can break down all assets and liabilities by location or department and know the exact status in each account. Income statements are available for every sale, department or location and are current daily.

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