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The Competitive Edge

The Competitive Edge

The Competitive Edge is a fully-integrated business management system designed specifically for your business. Because we work with so many dealers, we realize that each business is unique and has different needs from their management software. For that reason, we have developed The Competitive Edge to be configured for the specific needs of your business.   Learn More!



Pursuit! is the sales and inventory management system used by some of this country's leading retail centers to help close more sales.

If you've ever dreamed of taking price out of the sales equation, this package can help you get there. Pursuit!'s negotiation routine will help your customers find the monthly payment they can afford by buying down rates, modifying options, changing the down or adjusting the price. And while all this is happening, you can monitor the sales profitability every step of the way.
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Service and Parts Management

Service and Parts Management

This Service and Parts Management System will make you money. In fact, many of our clients have paid for their entire networks by installing this software system.

You will be able to increase your Factory Warranty Billings simply because the system will track all the details. You will be able to record all service requests as they are being received. The system will track all outstanding work orders. And best of all, once you have completed the work, the system will automatically convert each work order to an invoice.   Learn More!

Prospector Pro

Prospector Pro

Prospector Pro can set up follow-up programs for your customers and this system will automatically generate letters, postcards, e-mails, faxes and labels allowing you to manage hundreds of contacts with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Prospector Pro will remind you of the important events with each of your customers and give you all the details of your last conversation. Keep detailed notes on every conversation you have had with every prospect, making it easy to recall the specific details of every proposed deal at any time.   Learn More!

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