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Seminars and Training

Rainmaker’s Seminars are focused on helping our clients get the most out of their software system. Because this system is designed to help you improve the overall performance of your business, it is important to make sure your staff doesn’t get “stuck” just doing the basics.

The sessions are built around improving the daily use of the system, understanding what your reports are telling you about your business and discussing the best practices available to respond to any issues uncovered by those reports.

By bringing people from several dealerships together for these sessions, we hold costs down. But we also encourage attendees to share their ideas and experiences with each other making the time spent in our training center even more valuable.

New User Training
This five-day session allows new personnel to receive first-hand experience with all aspects of The Competitive Edge system.

Participants are not necessarily the System Manager, but may eventually fill that position. They work as part of the Rainmaker Software technical staff on pre-conversions, installations or as part of a project team.

Participants will work one-on-one with Rainmaker Software Technical staff to cover data input, catalog setup and closing procedures. Each participant returns home with a new How To's Booklet.

Making the Most of TCE
This working seminar promotes goal setting, communication and project management for each company participating. Ideally, Owners and Systems Managers of The Competitive Edge attend together as a team.

The Competitive Edge is a living software. As it grows and changes, users also need to grow and change. This seminar facilitates user growth by teaching how to use The Competitive Edge to its full potential. We recommed the Owner and System Manager attend one of these meetings once each year.

New features are covered during this three day meeting led by a senior staff member along with Rainmaker Technical Support Staff. Each participant is asked to prepare a list of questions and topics to be sent prior to their arrival.

Appropriate training manuals will be provided.

Cash Management Workshop
Designed to answer the question "Where's my money?", this two day working session is strictly for owners. If the operation also has a controller or other type of financial manager, attendance of this second person is a must!

Good sales and excellent bottom lines can cause cash flow havoc. How many times have you been congratulated by your banker or accountant for doing a good job with profits and retained earnings only to be struggling with getting your hands on cash to make payroll and pay bills?

Learn what it is that Chief Financial Officers do all day in large corporations and why their jobs are critical to the success of those companies.

Bill Carr works with a small group of retailers over two long work days. Each retail operation's current TCE system is archived and used during the training; the live system remains at the retail operation. The actual work accomplished during the two days can be transferred back to the live system. Appropriate training manuals will be provided.

System Manager Training
Participants in this five-day course learn the ins and outs of the entire Competitive Edge system. This course is for System Managers who have recently come on board to run a system that is already operating and implemented within a retail operation. This meeting is also ideal for the System Manager who would like an in-depth overview of The Competitive Edge.

Participants are asked to bring sample data from their companies to use in a demo version of their Competitive Edge company.

Participants also learn what reports should be pulled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The basics of report interpretation (the ABC's not the XYZ's) are covered. The functional reports as well as the payables reports of the F11 Reports Generator are covered in detail. Analytical reports covered are as follows:

This training is led by a senior staff member with the assistance of Rainmaker Software technical staff members.

Appropriate training manuals will be provided.

Service and Parts Workshop
This three-day workshop is designed for Owners, Service Coordinators and Service Managers to learn how to set-up and use the Service and Parts Module.

We will learn how to:

Learn how to use the Service and Parts reports on a daily basis for ease in scheduling and managing the Service and Parts Department.

Service reports include:

This workshop is led by a senior Rainmaker Software staff member with the assistance of the Rainmaker Software technical staff. Appropriate training manuals will be provided.

Advanced System Manager Training
Designed for System Mangers already at an advanced level of expertise, this three-day workshop is for on-going skill building and recycling purposes. The agenda is built around the specific requests of the participants but accounting topics generally covered include:

Learn to understand the difference between functional and analytical reports of The Competitive Edge and to provide management with the reports they need.

Understand automatic postings to balance sheet and P & L accounts when posting a purchase order, closing a deal, job-costing in a unit in inventory and much more.

Led by a senior Rainmaker Software staff member assisted by the Rainmaker Software technical and training staff. Training is done using the actual system of each retailer for training purposes only.

Recommended prerequisite: System Manager Training

Appropriate training manuals will be provided.

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