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Service Manager

Service Manager

In this market – every dollar counts. No Dealer can afford to continue yesterday’s bad habits – especially when it comes to billing service and warranty work. Today, this is an even more critical part of your cash flow and profitability.

Simplify your Service - Maximize your Profit!

Service Manager gives you complete control of your service department. Work-orders are easier than ever to process, manage, complete and invoice, and everything can be tracked back to a sale, set-up or warranty invoice.

This software will eliminate costly errors in your sales department with real time reporting back to the accounting system. Most importantly, this program will ensure that you get paid for the service work you are doing for your factories.

Control your Costs:

  • Every piece of work will be tracked and billed
  • Parts and Labor will be tracked to every home
  • Manufacturer Warranty rate are stored for future invoicing
  • Parts purchased for work orders are automatically bill with the work order
  • Every warranty repair will be invoiced!

Monitor the Service Department:

  • Easy service writing shows you every work request or estimate in the system
  • Each home's service history is available at the touch of a button
  • Track in-house workers and subcontractors to see work-load, completed work and billing history
  • View service problems by job code to analyze repetitive service problems
  • See unpaid bills, completed but unbilled work and incomplete work-orders
  • Track parts orders back to individual Work orders

Analyze and Trouble Shoot:

  • See where the bottle necks are happening in your service department
  • See which crews are best at which jobs
  • Know which technicians are making you the most money
  • See which makes/models are giving you the most trouble
  • Use repair codes to track time and materials used for different jobs

Additional Features:

  • Canned repair orders for easy billing
  • Build, store and retrieve estimates
  • Integrated with A/R, accounting & inventory
  • Integrates with CRM & Sales
  • Back up by world class support

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