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The best way to survive and thrive in a down market is to steal business from your competition. In a shrinking economy, you either have to shrink or eat a bigger piece of the pie. Pursuit will give you the tools to outsell your competition.

Pursuit! was created with one simple goal in mind, “To help you close more sales!” Now we’ve upgraded this powerful and popular sales tool with new features to help your Sales Manager and F&I department increase profits.

Reporting: Pursuit's filtering system allows you to search for deals by salesperson, customer, proposal, the product they are interested in, most recent proposals and much more. With these new filters your managers can instantly see what they need to help provide superior management to the sales staff and information to the owner.

Better Integration: With improved integration between service, inventory and accounting, this system lets you know all of your costs at the time you are making a proposal. If costs have changed since your last proposal, the system will automatically let you know so you can adjust your pricing accordingly.

Updated Catalogs: The updated catalogs allow you to customize all of your manufacturer options and to control what options are available to your customers, giving you greater control over the presentation of your product, options and pricing. Using this new feature, many of our clients have been able to completely differentiate themselves from the other dealers in their market with similar products. If you can remove competitive products, you can significantly improve margins.

Menu Selling: Menu Selling has proven to be one of the easiest and lowest pressure ways to increase your F&I penetration. Trainers and consultants around the country are encouraging their dealers to use Menus to present insurance and protection to all of their customers. The evidence is clear that this will increase your F&I profit and help you maintain your compliance with federal regulations.

Close On Objections: Pursuit provides the tools you need to close on price objections by letting you sit down with your customer to work the deal in a friendly computer environment. The Quick Contract© feature allows you to make quick and accurate adjustments to the monthly payment by buying down the rate, adjusting the down payment or changing your lender program at any point during the transaction.

Customer Safe Interface: With Pursuit, your salespeople can work the deal in front of the customer, without giving away your secrets or the store. All screens are designed to be customer friendly and customer safe. There is nothing for the customer to see that they shouldn’t see. All variables are controlled by you in a simple set-up process that includes lender programs, inventory pricing, insurance tables, etc.

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