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Prospector Pro

Prospector Pro

Now more than ever, you need to know where your next sale is coming from. More importantly, you need to make sure that the next customer that is going to buy, comes to your dealership and buys from one of your sales people.

Mass Correspondence: Send single pieces of correspondence or large groups of correspondence almost effortlessly. (Mass Correspondence can be used for regularly scheduled correspondence, such as newsletters to existing customers, VIP Clubs and service coupons throughout the year.)

Salesperson and Management Reporting: Prospector Pro provides reports that keep you informed about schedules, advertising sources, market segments, sales history and much more. You can find the information you need with a few clicks of the mouse.

Stand-Alone or Networked: Available in a Stand-Alone or Networked version, Prospector Pro will meet the needs of your organization.

Features and Functions

Call & Appointment Scheduling: Prospector Pro will remind you of the important events with each of your customers and give you all the details of your last conversation.

Notes: Keep detailed notes on every conversation you have had with every prospect, making it easy to recall the specific details of every proposed deal at any time.

Automated Follow-Up: Set up any number of different follow-up programs for your customers. Once you have assigned a customer to a program, letters, postcards, e-mails, and labels will be automatically generated, allowing you to manage hundreds of contacts with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Security: Salespeople can only see their prospects while management can review every customer at any time.

Compliance: With the ability to track all of the contacts made with each customer comes peace of mind that you are complying with new privacy laws such as.

Integration with TCE: In response to the needs of users, Prospector Pro will integrate seamlessly with TCE, the leading business management software in the industry, combining multiple technologies that make the work day progress smoothly.

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