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What's New at Rainmaker Software

August, 2014
Rainmaker is switching to a two tier update procedure that includes Beta Releases and General Releases. General Release updates will be available on a quarterly basis and will not be sent to clients until they have been tested at Beta Sites for at least three months. Clients who request new programming or wish to receive updates more frequently can sign up to be a Beta Site. For more information contact Chad at (800) 336-0339.

June, 2014
Rainmaker has just released a new update for our Canadian clients that will make ordering and pricing units ordered from the US much easier. For those not aware, currency exchange fluctuations can impact the cost of US products to Canadian Dealers on even a daily basis. In order to help those dealers manage their costs and pricing, Rainmaker has added new features to the Unit Purchase routine that allow them see and manage exchange rate, markup and price while ordering and receiving units. Changes made here can be carried back to the catalog and to proposals written in Dealmaker on those units.

May, 2014
Rainmaker has hired Dan Halleck to work in our Support Department with a focus on helping us implement new Quality Control Standard related to testing and releasing updates. Dan is already working with Chad and the programming staff to develop new updating procedures that reduce the errors and omissions from updates to give clients a better user experience. We are still trying to sort out the names with a Daniel and a Dan, but they are good about helping you make sure you get to the right one.

April, 2014
We are please to welcome Daniel Doubet to our staff. Daniel is an accountant both by Education and Experience having working in an accounting firm after getting his degree in Accounting & Finance Management. Daniel has already been working with Judy on Bank Recs and we expect him to quickly get up to speed with all areas of the accounting system.

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