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Coaching Services

Rainmakerís Coaching Services focus one-on-one with the owner to help them implement a meaningful change within the organization. Engagementís could be very short lived to meet one time needs such as helping to find and hire a new salesperson or longer term such as helping to improve the cash flow and stability of the company.

The coaching relationship is based on having a peer you can be very open with about what is happening and what needs to happen in your business. This coach will share ideas and examples of how other people have addressed similar issues. Regular follow-up (at least once every couple weeks) plays an important role in keeping everyone accountable and keeping the ball moving.

Financial Analysis and Review
Maintaining perspective on the financial progress of your retail operation is more than tracking your bottom line performance. Survival and stability are a result of owners knowing when they are headed for trouble--in enough time to change course and steer clear.

Knowing what to look for, being able to adjust and then setting next action steps all depend on the ability of the owner to understand the basic financial structure of the business regarding:

Using the Financial Analysis Software, Bill Carr looks back at the last several years of operation by completing an in-depth review of the retailer's financial statements. This points to areas of weakness that can quickly be converted into opportunities for improvement.

Asset Management, Cash Management and Balance Sheet Management are all one-in-the-same. Knowing this part of the business is even more important than focusing on the bottom line. Owners who increase their skills in these areas can quickly become high performance, lean-men money machines.

Bill Carr will work on-site for one or two days to make sure owners understand these financial management strategies. The extent of the work necessary to be thorough and worthwhile depends on each individual situation.

A written financial analysis can be prepared upon request.

Obtaining Wholesale Inventory Financing
Most retailers struggle with the process of borrowing money because of a lack of knowledge and/or a lack of action. Our company has been working with retailers to help them through this process for over thirty years. We can help most retailers find their way through this process.

While the services we provide will need to vary from one dealership to another, we can help dealers through all seven of the steps outlined our Free Report on how to Obtain Inventory Financing (Call 800-336-0339 for a free copy of this report).

Generally, our work with a dealer is broken into three distinct phases:

1. Business Analysis and Evaluation - 70% of businesses can obtain financing if they learn the process and do the work. However, about 30% of the businesses we have worked with just arenít going to be able to obtain financing. The reasons for this can vary, but could have to do with very poor bookkeeping or accounting, poor reputation within the lending community or just a business that is too financially unstable.

During this Analysis and Evaluation, we will look at your companyís financial information and interview the Owner to determine whether or not we believe you fall into the 70% who could be successful.

2. Preparing the Loan Request Package - We will work with you to develop and refine this package to include looking at all of your financial ratios the way banks look at these ratios and then helping you to present yourself in the most favorable light to the bank.

You will need to have good financial statements, but we will work with you to present those financial statements, your story, your business plan and your performance benchmarks to the bank in the format they want to see.

3. Coaching, Adjusting, Planning - Once your Loan Request Package is ready, we will coach you through the process of getting your presentation ready and then work with you afterwards to provide answers to the bankís outstanding questions and requests for additional information.

If you are not successful with your first attempt (you may need to go through several attempts to get your borrowing skills up to speed), we will continue to work with you and coach you as you work your way through the different traditional and non-traditional lenders available to you - until you have secured the business financing you need.

Basic Business Assessment
Rainmakerís Basic Business Assessment is designed to help you quickly identify where your biggest opportunities are hiding. This confidential Assessment is done by analyzing your Financial Statements and a sampling of approximately twenty of your recent deals. Using Rainmakerís proprietary benchmarking tools and their Sales Transaction Analysis method for looking at deals you will receive back detailed information about the performance of your sales, service and administrative departments.

You will receive a detailed consultation with Rainmaker to review their findings as well as a brief written report on those findings. In this conversation and report Rainmaker will give you their opinion as to the current performance of your sales, service, parts and administrative departments and their findings about where and how each can be improved.

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