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The Rainmaker Difference

At Rainmaker Software we work with our clients to do two things:

  1. Increase Sales
  2. Manage the profit and cash of those sales

Every dealer is different and we refuse to apply cookie cutter solutions to unique business issues. Many of our competitors have a "one size fits" all approach to their software solutions, but at Rainmaker we work with each client to customize the solutions that will provide the highest return on investment.

  1. Evaluate the unique needs and opportunities of each dealership

  2. Measure, Manage and Adjust the systems and tools over time

  3. Develop customized tools and systems to take advantage of those opportunities

  4. Integrate those tools into daily operations of the dealership

The Rainmaker Advantage

  1. The Software Advantage
  2. All our tools and systems have a point of view - they help you operate your business profitably. Every management report is designed to give you information about how you are doing TODAY. When you have our software products, you have the power to control your sales, your profit and your cash!

  3. The Training Advantage
  4. Rainmaker has a highly trained, dedicated installation team ready to help you learn to use our products effectively. First, during Pre-Installation, we enter all pertinent information into the system for you. We then work alongside you and your key personnel to install the software and train you to use the system on a daily basis.

  5. The Support Advantage
  6. Once you are working live in your dealership, you will receive on-going assistance from Rainmaker by phone and Internet. Members of the Rainmaker technical support staff are also available to work with you on-site at your dealership.

  7. The Consulting Advantage
  8. Rainmaker has been offering on-going management training to retailers for over thirty years. While our seminars are never mandatory, many retailers like to take advantage of our on-going learning opportunities. User Groups allow you to learn from your peers as well as our staff.

Personel Profiles

Chad Carr
Chad Carr's Profile Picture

Chad Carr is the president of Rainmaker Consulting which traces its roots back to 1976 when Judy Carr (founder of Judy Carr & Associates) helped put together the educational program for the very first RVDA Convention. Over the next decade Judy and Bill Carr worked with many of the industries top dealers writing the Super Star articles for RV Dealer Magazine and forming some of the industries early 20 groups. Judy Carr & Associates was one of the early entries into the dealership software arena with the introduction of The Competitive Edge in 1985. They have been providing software training, support and related consulting to RV Dealerships ever since. Chad Carr joined his parents in the business in 1993 and worked for the next ten years on-site with dealers to implement their software systems and help with other services. Chad founded Rainmaker Consulting in 2003 in order to focus on helping dealers implement Best Practice solutions into their dealerships at the employee level. Rainmaker's clients range from small four person shops to some of the largest and most recognizable names in the industry. Rainmaker has spent decades studying and developing Best Practices for successful dealership operations all of which are used to help the owners increase profit and overall financial stability. Chad's Web Based Educational Programs and magazine articles have become a major component of the Continuing Education Program for the North American Trailer Dealer Association. He is a sought after speaker in many trade associations at both the state and national level.

Bill Carr
Bill Carr's Profile Picture

Bill Carr is the Director of Management Services for Rainmaker Consulting, a long-term provider of retailer business management software and supporting business consulting for the Manufactured Housing, Recreational Vehicle and Specialty Trailer industries. Bill has spent the last 32 years of his career working one-on-one and in small private groups with Owners of retail sales operations from both the street and community sides of the industry for the purpose of keeping their companies profitable, stable and generating a positive cash flow regardless of where they are in the ups and downs of the swings of the industry business cycle. Networking with notable and specialized industry consultants and trainers, Bill helps Owners improve their retail financing capabilities while at the same time incorporating the new rules and regulations resulting from the S.A.F.E Act, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and the multiple of other federal and state agencies in the increasingly burdensome compliance arena.

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