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From early afternoon until late into the evening on Tuesday January 11th, 2005, a special group of retailers met at the Brown Hotel in Louisville to renew friendships, acknowledge their appreciation for the opportunities afforded them by the manufactured housing industry, give thanks and toast long-term relationships that significantly contributed to their business success.



Over eighty current and former clients of Judy and Bill Carr had dinner and shared camaraderie and fellowship at the 30th JCA Retailers Reunion.


The subject of one of the first Superstar stories written by Judy Carr in 1978, Jim Clayton shared insights to compliment his First A Dream.  A participant of the early 20-Groups sponsored by JCA, Clayton talked specifically of the help he received and relationships he nurtured early in his leadership of Clayton Homes.


Jim Clayton of Clayton Homes fame and fortune keynoted the event seen here with Judy Carr of JCA, now Rainmaker Software.
    In addition to autographing his book and providing entertainment for the evening, Jim highlighted how Clayton Homes was acquired by Warren Buffet.  His impromptu answers to questions from the retailers present were pointed, frank and revealing.    



Jim answered questions, sang and picked on his guitar for the group.  He was delightful.

    After dinner and Jim's lively show, retailers shared their own stories of help and insight given them by fellow retailers and consultants from the Judy Carr network.    

Of the many toasts and honors shared, John Foster (seen here with his wife Barbara) recalled how helpful it was to him that Judy Carr convinced him to be a member of the original SuperGroup with Jim Clayton dating back to 1978.  He summed up the evening best, "When I look back at the friendships I've had over the years, it's a pity we had to wait so long to get back together like this again."


    The retailers who attended this event have proven in the course of their careers that they can both survive and thrive in this industry, no matter how volatile.  Through the JCA Retailer PVR User and Operational Audit Groups, they have all learned to put into action breakeven, bottom line and cash flow strategies that ensure survival.  The sharing of how these survival tactics worked for them in extreme times of trouble was genuine, heartfelt and profound.    


A squeeze play toast to Judy.  Sergio Reyes on the left and Art Bunnell on the right.



Thanks to Mike Evans who suggested the idea of the Reunion.  And thanks to Bill Carr for making it happen!


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NOTE: For more information on the on-going JCA retailer network and how you might benefit call Chad Carr at Rainmaker Software, Inc. 800-336-0339, e-mail chad@getrain.com.


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